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Nilotinib side effects


My friend is on 800mg of nilotinib a day, since Jan 17. May-Dec 16 previously 400mg of Imatinib a day, but had to change as didn't reach 2nd stage remission.

He has a headache through the left side of his head and sometimes down the left side of his body. Dry skin patches and skin breaking easily, leaving skin raw . Aches, fatigue and feeling very low.

Anyone have or had similar side effects? Do they pass ? Any advice welcome to help with these symptoms as he doesn't want to take any additional pills.



I suggest your friend talks with his clinician as the side effects you describe seem to be quite severe. It may be that they do diminish over time as most side effects do.... however, if his quality of life is being affected it might be that he either needs a short break from therapy - depending on his response and his blood counts - or a change to another TKI such as dasatinib or bosutinib. TKI differ in their side effects profiles. If he is suffering then his clinician should assess the effects of nilotinib and reassure him. 

You do not say what his response to therapy has been since diagnosis, so it is difficult to advise.... but he does need to talk with his clinician and/or a support nurse if his treatment centre has one. 

I hope this is helpful,