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My good news from South Africa

Hi from South Africa,

It has been a while since I posted an update on my journey "living with CML"
Below is a screen shot of my PCR tests since inception of PCR testing in South Africa. We did not have this test available here before 2005. 
The PCR testing was done by another lab during the flat line period. My Haematologist moved me back to this the original laboratory as their results are more detailed. 
The upward blip at the end of October 2016 was when they modified and updated their their test and most patients had those blips. All seems to be sorted now. 
Thank you Dr Druker and Dr Mohan for without your research all this would have been possible and I would have been a memory. 
Also thanks to our wonderful support groups and your continued encouragement to all our fellow members. You do make a difference!

Here I would like to thank Elizabeth for this wonderful Group which has evolved into fantastic support center for CML patients. This was the first Group I joined and learned so much from during my early days of living with CML.

I was diagnosed with CML in July 2003 and was at first on Interferon Alpha, but the side effects were horrible. I December 2003 I was started on 400mg Gleevec which I remained on until stopping in May 2009. My side effects from Gleevec which seemed to increase and the encouraging results of the French STIM trials led me to take this decision with the blessing of my Haematologist. 
Fortunately I have no post stopping withdrawal symptoms at all which can be attributed to Gleevec usage.
I have been in Treatment Free Remission for 7 years and 9 months and now on annual PCR testing. (Unless I feel symptoms of the disease returning)

I trust that you find these results encouraging and positive. 

Kind regards. 

PS. The tests are corrected to the IS scale.


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