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Dear all,

y husband in 9 years in glivec treatment. Our hospital decided to switch from Glivec to generic Imatinib mesylate from ACCORD Pharmaceuticals ltd.M

After a week and half, my husband is experiencing some reactions, common to Glivec (including cramps, heart pain, night sweat, nausea, etc). I wouldn't say is just regular glivec effects, since he is 9 years taking it, .... seems some side effect due probably to new excipients?

We asked for a blood test, still pending of confirmation.
However, I wanted to know if someone else experience some toxicity due to the generic drugs.
Thanks in advance.

I had more nausea on Veenat, which is an indian generic, having taken imatanib before. I tend to like Sandoz imatanib over Teva, not sure why really...Zentiva Imatanib tabs are quite large for some reason so I try to avoid those.

i used gleevec for six months then switch to teva imatinib which is a generic seems that the side effects get more noticible for me,more puffy eyes,joint pain which i never had with gleevec.i asked my dr to go back with gleevec and she did agree it for me.

It is nice to see, because our doc... does not care so much about the fact that some generic give harder troubles to patients...

thank you. It is being very useful, since some docs does not believe that generic may doing that.