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Hi - I am about to travel to a Malaria area - does anyone know of any contra indications of Malarone with Glivec?

Hi Matthew

I took Malarone myself when on dasatinib and had no serious side effects; however, there was a rash that appeared all over my body two days into using the Malarone.  It was not painful and not itchy, and didn't interfere with my trip, and resolved very quickly on its own after a day or so.  I asked my doctor about it when I returned and she said that it was likely to be a drug interaction, but nothing to worry about.  

As far as I know, there are only two malaria prophylactics that cannot be used with the tyrosine kinase inhibitors and these are mefloquine and chloroquine.

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Many may not agree, but I really have doubts about taking malaria prophlaxis at all and especially for a short trip. I lived in malaria zones for years (on and off) and indeed was in one when I was diagnosed without issues. I dont plan to take malaria prophlaxsis now that I have CML.

Doctors in european clinics will always given you the hard sell on malarone etc because of legal requirements but in my mind there are very limited cases in which they are needed

I used Doxycycline as an alternative, for a trip to Indonesia, I had no issues with it.