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Imatinib Dose Reduction Starts


Appointment this week at Countess of Chester Hospital, where the (new) consultant has agreed to follow Prof Clarke's proposed protocol that we cut my imatinib from 400mg to 200mg. I will have monthly BCR-ABL to check for any progression, and see them again at CoC just before Christmas. My PCR-ABl has been undetectable since 2009. If it stays at zero for a year on 200mg we will then stop. I will keep the forum posted on progress.  

All the best, Alistair. Exciting times for you



Good luck!  I reduced more gradually - 300 mg for a year or more before going down to 200.  I noticed an immediate reduction (but unfortunately not total disappearance) of cramps and tiredness, and hope you have similar benefits.  I'm now on 4-monthly check-ups (next one in a couple of weeks), which also helps.


Good luck Alastair - DESTINY results so far are cause for optimism that you will succeed in both dose reduction and then going off completely. I have also been undetectable since late 2009 and went on Destiny in 2014.  I finished Destiny in May - had a couple of blips in the results at one stage (which turned out not to be real) but other than that, with monthly testing for the first two years, then two monthly, I felt in safe hands.  Reducing to 200mg immediately reduced side effects to more or less nothing.  Richard