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One year After CML


I have been taking Imatinib (Veenat) for a year. I started with 300mg and my PCR test at 6 months was 15%(IS). So my doctor increased my mg to 400mg and after another 6 months I'm just down to 2.7% (IS). Should I be worried? I'll be talking to my doctor this week but I know that based on optimal response I should already be under 0.1%. All my blood tests are normal except for my RBC, Hematocrit and Hemoglobin which is still low.

Hi - 

400mg is the usual starting dose of imatinib. After 3 months, the goal is about 10% but people should not get too hung up on the exact number.

2.7% after 6 months is pretty good. A lot better than I was then! I was 17% at that time, but doing well now.

So long as your number are going down, then that is good. I would question why you were on 300mg to start. 400mg is the appropriate dose - but now you are on that I would think that is a good place to be.