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diagnosed with cml in december

hi All


I have been doing my blood reports at least once a year.  I did my last one in dec 2017 and was shocked when i got a call that my WBC was high at 85000 appox

Next few days was a haze and went through a series of tests and the was told that I have a CML.

Have been put a on treatment of Sprycel(Dasatinib) 100 mg every day.

Side effects have been limited to headaches around the sinus area.  Keeping my fingers crossed


Since treatment has started Dec 9 my WBC count has fallen from 81000 to 5300 and platelets from 970,000 to 210,000

Hemaglobin has also come down from 13 to 11.9

life feels boxed in.  Have completely stopped alcohol and as a result have reduced my going out to parties and social events.  Its a beginning of a long journey






My husband feels very much the same.

... But the good thing about this forum is you're not alone!

Best New Year wishes from Mark (diagnosed CML Nov 2017) and Lucy