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Fasting and Cancer ...

"Fasting and calorie restriction can slow and even stop cancer progression, tumour growth and metastases. Both can kill cancer cells and significantly improve chemo and radiotherapy effectiveness. Fasting has also been shown to boost the immune system, de-fat the liver and pancreas and significantly reduce chemotherapy side-effects. A fast is something to seriously consider when having chemotherapy - from three days before to the day after."

"Indeed, studies have shown that fasting for just three days can not only boost your immune system, but regenerate it entirely, helping to ensure a long and healthy life. The researchers who conducted the study described it as remarkable and a major breakthrough — no kidding! This study showcases how starving the body actually kickstarts stem cells into producing new white blood cells, which will then fight off infection."

(This is an intriguing idea. Part of the problem with CML treatment is that our TKI's do not target quiescent Leukemic stem cells (LSC) (they do attack dividing LSC's). So when we stop treatment, Leukemic stem cells can relapse our disease when they do eventually divide. During a short 3-day fast, apparently - if the science reported above is correct, blood stem cells (including leukemic stem cells) are induced to divide in order to replenish the blood supply - at that time, circulating TKI will attack the Leukemic stem cell during division and kill it. I might just have to try this .... 3 It does seem fasting is counter-intuitive, but the research is compelling.)

Fascinating Scuba.  Is there a specific protocol for fasting or do you just not eat period for three days?

I have fasted on an off for years doing a one day fast only. As we are in Lent (and I gave up all alcohol (#@@#)@$%#) , I am going to try a three day fast as described in the article (and other articles I have reading).

My plan in the next few weeks is to have a final Sunday dinner and then not eat on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I'll resume with a light breakfast (break - fast) Thursday morning. I will drink only water, tea (Earl Grey from Harrods!) and probably coffee. I will continue to take Sprycel (20 mg) and Curcumin during this time. I will also test that my body went into Ketosis using Ketone strips. The key is knowing my body has entered ketosis. This usually takes (from what I have read) anywhere from one to three days. If you exercise, sooner, if not, later during the three day period.

When I start, I'll report here. The science is compelling. If, during the three days, my bone marrow LSC population comes out of quiescence and begins dividing, both the Sprcel and lack of glucose should kill off many of this population. Should that occur, my next cessation attempt might very well succeed! At least that is the theory. Only a true random clinical based trial would show this works. But why wait.

And losing a few pounds won't hurt either. This is going to be tough..

Additional info:

Hi Scuba I always pass on your recommendations to my husband but he would kill me if I suggested this one :) After having no appetite initially , he is really hungry these days and he goes off to work with a huge pack lunch and needs dinner as soon as he gets home. All healthy foods but def in big quantities. 

I can’t wait to hear how it goes and thanks for being our guinea pig! 


Scuba do you ever check out the LLS site? I feel some people  posting there would benefit from your expertise .....