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Nilotinib plus proposed chemo for breast cancer



i had breast cancer in 1998 and 2001 followed by CML diagnosed in 2003. Currently on Nilotinib and levels are all good. i have now been daignosed with more breast cancer which is HER2+ as well as oestrogen and progesterone positive. The lump has been removed and proposed chemo of Pertuzumab, trastuzumab and paclitaxel weekly for 12 weeks. the oncologist is unsure what to do about the Nilotinib and even suggested I stop taking it during chemo but this frightens me as could i be swapping one good result for another and messing up the CML?   she hasn't checked with the Hammersmith yet and i don't feel like i have all the information i need to agree to this chemo.

Any advise from anyone who has gone through the same would be appreciated.


Hi Christine,

I am sorry to hear you have breast cancer as well as CML. I understand why you would be very concerned about stopping your TKI while undergoing further chemotherapy for the BC. I would suggest that you contact HH and inform them so they can work alongside/advise the oncologists that are treating you - and vice versa. You also need to talk with HH about your worries and concerns.  Oncology and Haematology are quite distinct clinical specialities, so in your own best interests,  you need to be proactive here and insist that there is full communication between the 2 sets of clinicians. 


Thank you.

i have sent a list of questions to the Hamersmith this morning as they are much more pro-active than the oncologist.  Just trying to get my head around the whole thing at the moment and was going with the flow until i realised i needed to get all the information i could and make informed decisions.