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Severe bone pain and constant fever



I'm a 39yr male from India. I was diagnosed of CML a month back, June'18. My WBC count was spiked at 93000 hence I was precribed Hydrea for 10 days post which the count dropped to 7600. I was advised to start Imatinib 400mg. I started with a local substitute but after 10days but the WBC went up to 19000 again. After 10 days I switched to Glivac 400mg. I am experiencing severe pain in my bones and abdominal cramps. Alongwith this, I have a constant feeling of fever which increases every evening. The temperature generally does not exceed 100* but makes me feel very uncomfortable. Moreover I have been losing weight and feel immense weakness. I am having all sorts of protien rich and nutritious food yet no change. My doctor feels it could be my body trying to resist Glivac. But this pain and fever for almost 10 days is impacting me physically and mentally. Any suggestions or experiences of similar sorts or remedies would be highly appreciated.

I had this same wbc at diagnosis and started Gleevec right away. Similar symptoms, very weak. My blanket was heavy for me to pull over, bone pain in the legs and swollen ankles. But I got through it, went to work every day, rested at night and then 4 months later, it all stopped. Have not had a side effect in better then 2 years now and great results. 

Thanks buddy. The fever is something that I'm unable to get over with. Even my oncologist is unsure of why the feverish tendency.

You might want to check your CYP3A4 status.  I just read a study about the Indian population and their slow metabolism of CYP3A4.  You may be a slow metabolizer and thus have quite a bit of gleevec in your system.  There is a trough level that can be taken if you are dosing only once a day.  The test is run by ARUP labs in Utah in the United States.  Your doctor may know of another lab that does the gleevec though.  Your trough level would show if you were high in gleevec, thus giving you so many symptoms....just a thought.