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.. Maybe I don't want to try cessation ..... !

This drug cocktail reduced signs of age-related diseases and extended life in mice and human cells

Sprycel + Quercetin

a dose of the leukemia drug dasatinib and the dietary supplement quercetin — drove down senescent cells’ numbers, tamped down the inflammation they cause, and reduced the level of disability that comes with age-related diseases.

When given to younger mice in which the aging process was jump-started with a transfer of senescent cells, the anti-aging cocktail forestalled the onset of age-related diseases. And the anti-aging effects of a single five-day course of the cocktail lasted for months, the equivalent in humans of more than a decade.

(perhaps when Sprycel becomes a generic drug and sells for the cost of aspirin - we'll see it in our chemists (pharmacy) over-the-counter shelves)

Sounds like you’ll be back in diapers before you know it. Either way.

I do take my Sprycel with Quercetin at night now. I have been doing this for a year or so.

My only concern is how to pay for my retirement since I'll be living to 110.

Quercetin must be the operative item here, as all those aging items suddenly appeared for me since I've been on dasatinib - just the reverse of the mice!  How much and what kind of Quercetin do you take, Scuba?

I’d like to be set forward 50 years from now.
When the Aliens discover this planet
and introduce me to my real parents.


Imatinib and Dasatinib work very differently in the body. Imatinib is strictly a tyrosine kinase inhibitor with effect mostly on bcr-abl. Dasatinib is both TKI and an Src kinase inhibitor. The Quercetin + Dasatinib research was only done with Dasatinib.

I take 500 mg Quercetin once or twice daily. Any reputable brand should be fine. Just check the label to make sure it has the amount.

Mine comes with vitamin C which helps in absorption.

One benefit of extra Quercetin in the blood is I notice I don't sneeze at allergens much anymore. Quercetin is a natural anti-histamine. It's good for you apart from whether it will help us live to 120 or help Romo meet his Alien parents.

Thanks, Scuba.  I'd like to have a little exercise endurance . . .