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Gleevec (imanitib) now changed to generic CIPLA


Gleevec was recently changed to Sandoz generic imanitib (as Sandoz is owned by Novartis they have the necessary manufacturing capabilities).

Now this has been changed to CIPLA generic. The capsules are much larger and unable to be swallowed.

Pharmacy said the the capsules could be opened and dissolved in apple juice.

I have now found broken capsules on the kitchen floor (completely unintentional) and am now concerned about this drug not being contained in the capsules.

If this is a true generic why is the capsule so much bigger than the original drug? And there are reports in literature of reduced efficacy.

Does anybody have any experience with this new CIPLA generic?

Generics are the same as the branded medications. Some of the inactive ingredients may be different, which can cause issue with a very small number of people (e.g. someone lactose intolerant when the brand doesn't have lactose filler but a generic does) but the active compound (imatinib) is exactly the same and in the same quantity.

Some pills are bigger and smaller because of the fillings used.

If you have trouble swallowing them, try it with a spoonful of yogurt. It can help lubricate your throat and slide the capsule down easily.


Ask your haem to prescrobe 4x100mgs daily as the 100mgs are nice and small and easy to swallow. or, as David says, take with a spoonful of yoghurt.