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Travel Insurance Good news

Hello All,

Hope you are all doing fine.

Just thought I'd spread some good news about travel insurance.

The wife and I are visiting Warsaw in Poland for a week and after getting quotes for insurance ranging from £250-£580 was gettting sick of phoning round.

Then I stubbled on

After phoning for a quote on 0845 8800163 I was told that to cover my CML was going to increase the premium by £8.03 to give a total of £40.48.

I've just been emailed the policy and even the small print looks good.

So give them a call if you are travelling and see if they can help save you money.

Take care


Hi Derren,
thanks for this information. The quote does seem very reasonable. I will add it to the FAQ section under travel links.

best wishes and enjoy your trip,

Hello, Thanks for the advice about this insurance company. I phoned today for my Becky who is going to Rhodes next year with her boyfriend. They have give me an idea of the price as you have to buy it no more than 6 months before travel. They quoted me £41.94. The is an estimate as she is going next August but it is one hell of a saving... I had been quoted £191.00 previously. Well worth checking this company out.. Dawn xxx

Since being diagnosed nearly 2 years ago and combing through the CML support threads it seems that Travel Insurance with the major insurers is always a nightmare unless one is able to find a lead into specialists in the insurance business that understand CML and related conditions
Over a year ago I contacted JD Travel Consultants who in association with City Bond Sure Travel and after medical screening by telephone gave me annual travel insurance for 650 pounds -expensive but I could find no alternative at the time and needed to travel for work and holiday as well.
I was offered 700 for two weeks for instance ater endless phone calls.

JD is now called Gill Noble and recently they contacted me to say that they can now offer via Fortis Insurance cheaper annual cover -70 pounds for myself and 102 pounds including my spouse as long as I can sign a health declaration. Basically as I see it that if one is on regular medication such as Glivec ,only has hospital appointments for regular check ups with a consultant and so then one should qualify-one needs to read the terms of the declaration carefully and for instance decide if a bone marrow biopsy comes under regular check ups and tests rather than pending investigations:
I leave you to decide
If one has had been in hospital overnight within the last 3 months or had other treatment then one needs to call a screening line to see if the condition is still covered or if a surcharge will be levied.
I am going to sign up soon.
Fortis Europe was in trouble but I have read that the UK insurance arm is still strong-again you should decide.
It might be worth a call to Gill Noble on 01689 859102 to discuss
My own view is that there are some specialist insurers out there that are aware of CML and are offering policies suitable for our needs-the problem is to find them
With best wishes
John Westlake

Cancer Travel Insurance declined point-blank to cover me at any price. Admittedly, I have other non-cancer problems, but they are less serious and stable.

hiya i have been using gill noble for 5 years now they insure me and my husband they are very good

Hi Tried every where but cannot get cover for my CML. My wife and I travel alot each year so we need worldwide yearly insurance. I have stuck to our original insurers AXA, with a premium of around £300 per annum. They will not cover anything pertaining to CML, but I am at 0.022% PCR/ABL so I don't think much is going to happen suddenly. They will however cover me if I am at this level 5 years from DX.  I was DX in June 2008 so roll on June 2013. Age may also be a problem as I am 68 and my wife is 65. But we still love to travel.


For the sake of interest, I contacted my credit card company about coverage (who provide travel insurance with the card). Initially they simply stated that they now declined all cover for me as a result of the diagnosis of CML.

I disputed this and asked to be put through to a manager, whereupon they escalated it to the underwriting department.

After a day of to-ing and fro-ing, they have agreed to continue all cover with an exclusion for CML.

Whilst not ideal, this will do for now (I travel a lot on business). The only thing it precludes is booking holidays a long time in advance, for which I would seek a separate policy including CML in case I have to cancel. In general, for stuff arranged near-term, it seems one is likely to have a fairly good idea about whether things are going to be a problem before booking.

So, for people in the same circumstance, you may be able to get partial free coverage from credit card companies if you argue.



This is interesting. I too have annual cover through my credit card (for which I pay mainly because the policy is good). I have read the terms very carefully several times and mine essentially covers everything now. The terms in my own policy say that until you are in "complete remission" for a year, then you are not covered for cancer related claims (including by implication my CML).  However, pre remission you are covered for other things (eg if you have an accident or unrelated claim).  Now that I have been in CMR and PCRU for more than two years, with letters to prove it, I consider myself in complete remission: as complete as with any other cancer anyway.  Having said that, I think you are quite right that if CML is going to be a problem you are likely to know before the insurance is really going to be necessary, although this may depend on your CML of course.

Your policy probably has different wording but mine does not require disclosure of conditions and the language is very clear about what is and is not covered when you have cancer. Therefore I have not given them the opportunity to change the contract they have with me by my raising the issue with them!

With other policies where I have had to disclose, I have found the level of knowledge of the companies about CML to be about 20 years out of date. This is something that could be changed.

Only recently, I realised that the policy which came with my bank account needed updating after nearly 2 years. I hadn't been anywhere overseas anyway.

They wrote back notifying me that Leukaemia and CML were now excluded conditions and that "the policy will not cover any claim arising from or traceable to" these declared conditions.

That's fair enough by the sound of it. Or am I being naive about what this means?

In reality, unless the cause is clearly unrelated (e.g. you fall and break your leg, have money stolen etc), it will likely be for you to demonstrate beyond reasonable doubt that any claim is not traceable to the CML.

That may be difficult to do, may require a consultants opinion, but in general, the insurance companies don't really care very much: they will tell you that it's your problem to prove it. If, for example, you caught an infection, you can pretty much bet that all insurance is void.

Don't assume that it's their job to prove a link exists. It doesn't work that way.


Hi Derren

This is Medici Travel again.

They will not cover me for CML, even though I have been in complete remission, on Glivec, for 7 years. They also declined to cover me for IHD, MI and angina, so they were not a lot of use.

I only wanted cover for a week in France!

Thanks for your experience, anyway, and have a nice holiday.



Hi Richard..... have you or others tried any of the companies from the recently updated list on our Travel FAQ and if so do you have feedback? I try to keep the companies on the travel FAQ list relevant to CML- so if you have negative feedback please let me know and I will take them off the list.

Best wishes,