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White blood cell count 16

Hi All
I've had cml for 8 years and been in remisson on glivec for about 7 years. Feb 11 I changed to Nilotinib due to side effects. My last pcr was about 0.013 feb 12.
I saw my local haematologist 2 weeks ago and were discussing reducing the dose due to side effect.but he had to do another blood test first. Last Wednesday I came home and a letter was from the hospital for me to come in the next day. when I was due to go back in July.
All the emotions of that day when your told you have cancer came flooding back. Unfortunately I handled the situ rather badly and never made the appointment.
I'm now due to go back next Thursday. feel slightly more reassured that they didn't pull me in yesterday.
I'm not ill at the moment I feel fine. No one around me understands quite how I'm feeling.I just don't want to deal with it. I just want it to go



I had to stay in hospital and on the discharge sheet it reported that my WBC was high at 16

Dear Ruth,
I understand exactly how your feel, but first let me reassure you that you discharge sheet showing you wbc at 16 is not that high.... in the normal run of life, cold, flu virus and other infections will cause your wbc to rise. This is a normal immune response to infection. You do not say why you were in hospital but you might well have had an infection that cause a rise in you Lymphocytes.

If you last pcr in February was as low as 0.013% then it is unlikely that your disease would have suddenly ramped up enough to cause a rise in peripheral blood cell counts.

You have had a good response to TKI therapy since your diagnosis 8 years ago- so there is no reason to think you will not continue that response.

I know it is worrying but you really do need to go to your appointment on Thursday. I am sure all will be well and if there are any issues with your bcr/abl % they will manageable.

Best wishes, and try not to worry so much,


Hi sandy,
My stay in hospital was related to a mental Heath issue which was triggered by that appointment landing on my door mat. My life is in a bit of a mess now. I really don't think that when they rearranged the appointment for me to come in at such short notice what sort of affect it would have on my life or that it would cause such panic. It is our lives not theirs .
Now I have to wait for that appointment next Thursday and try to put my life back together and build back relationships I almost lost.

Take care


Dear Ruth,

I hope you find some support to enable you to go forward in a positive way. Relationships with those closest to us can sometimes be hard to maintain, especially when we feel under pressure or are dealing with the threat of serious illness like CML. However, this disease is very well controlled for the vast majority... with newer and more effective inhibitors coming on stream.

Best wishes for your appointment on Thursday,