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Migratory joint pain?


Hi everyone

i was wondering if anyone has experienced sudden onset of joint pain months after starting gleevec or sprycel?  The pain migrates so one day it can be in the jaw, the next day it makes it hard to walk, then the wrist, the hand, other hand, etc

Blood tests from primary doctor, hematologist and rheumatologist show everything normal.

Thanks for any help you can offer!




Hi there, I had joint pain before I was diagnosed in June 2017, no tablet or rub would stop the pain but my blood test would show Uric acid is high.  Once I started spyrcel 100 in July I was also prescribed alupurinol, I was on hydroxeura for the first month as my wbc was 475 when diagnosed. 

I read somewhere on the Internet or search this site for allopurinol that the dead blood cells accumulate in the joints and that's why they prescribed allopurinol. 

Keep a log on changes to your body for when you see the dr.  

I've been taking Sprycel now for almost three years. Had some minor aches and pains (Charlie Horse type) mainly in toe on right foot. Now, new pain in upper back near spine and numbness in two finger tips. Not sure what it means but I gather it's not unusual. Plan to consult with my oncologist after the holidays.