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Is there a way to flag a thread as spam?

I was just wondering if there's a button to flag spam.  I haven't noticed one.

Thanks, Kirk

Hi Kirk, 

Unfortunately not, but this is top of my list for the development of this site. 

We're looking at a number of angles to attack this from, and a "report as spam" button is one of those. As it is, the anti-spam system is rather manual and with that means really only actionable during UK waking hours. We haven't had too much trouble over the last couple of years, but as you may have noticed the last month or six weeks has seen some persistent spammers - each time from India. 

So in the future, we should have better automated spam blocking and also some tools for all our users to make spam reports and perhaps for our longer-term members the ability to "unpublish" spam messages alongside just reporting.

The main tool which we have at the moment is requiring accounts to be verified by me before they can post ... but we really don't like this as it puts a barrier up to a new patient who may want to ask a question. Either that, or block all access from India and again that is not something we'd like to do.


Very good!  David, thanks for doing the "weeding" so we don't get lost in the spam weeds. yes