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cml with grade 1 fibrosis

8 month b4 i was diagnosed with cml with grade 1 fibrosis i do nt understand grade 1 fibrosis my current bcr abl % is 0.09776.

Hi Ayaz,

Fibrosis of the marrow is often checked for at the start of treatment via a trephine done at the same time as a bone marrow biopsy. I guess you had that? It's not fun.

Grade 1 is obviously better than later grades. Basically it means your bone marrow is a little scarred and lost a little "sponginess". It might mean it's a little less effective than a "normal" person. There is some evidence that imatinib (and perhaps other TKIs) reverse BM fibrosis.

Has your doctor said anything more?


yes i tell my concologist about low platelet cause my platelet varies from 100 to 130 he said becoz of mylofibrosis ur platelets r low. my other blood counts r normal except platelets.