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Bloody nose


Today I stood up and my nose started bleeding, wouldn't stop for a while like 15-20 minutes. Should I call my doctor? This hasn't happened to me since before diagnosis. Of course I wouldn't have worried about it before, but it seemed weird with CML. No big deal or a concern?

If it is a limited event and your blood count is in the normal-ish TKI range I would say not to worry.

Same thing happened to me a few times.

I never had a bloody nose before CML, not that I can remember. After diagnosis and starting TKI I had a few episodes; I'd say it happened 4-5 times in the last two years.

I contacted my hematologist by email, and he said not to worry at all. Sprycel causes mielosuppression, thus platelets works slightly less efficiently than expected. Also, there might be a slight thinning of capillaries, which causes other side effects related to TKI (ie: petechia on the calves, another hit of mine :) ).

If your nose stops bleeding by itself, or with the usual remedies (ice etc), I would not worry; after the first episode and my doctor's reassurances I stopped worrying.

Then, if I were you, I'd drop a message to your doctor, just for your peace of mind.



Hi Justine - I had this problem about a year ago, one year after diagnosis.  It lasted about a month - really debilitating, as they were gushers.  I believe it was caused by a combination of things - dry winter air and drying TKI use (I'm on 400mg Imatinib) resulting in damaged capillaries and delicate tissues, and low platelets.  I am now super careful with my nose and use a saline spray twice daily to hydrate - haven't had any trouble since.  Good luck! 

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