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Diagnosed with CML 6 months now and still working as a Motorcycle machanic worried about work environment

Hi everyone

I am 51 years old and was diagnosed with CML 6 months ago and treatment is going well on 400mg of Imatinib a day,

My brother a year older than myself died 18 months ago from advanced  Mylofribrosis a form of Leukaemia,We both had worked together in our own business for 20 years as Motorcycle machanics being around all sorts of chemicals including petrol and brake cleaners. 

Well now I'm left running the business by myself,I've been very stressed trying to cope with running the business as well as living with this condition.

Here is my dilemma I need to work to pay the bills but I'm afraid that if I continue with this type of work environment that this is not good for your health,I'm worried my condition would get worse or I would develop a secondary cancer ,am I taking a risk ? I would like hear other people's thoughts on what they would do in my position. 

Hi ade obviously I don’t know the finances of your business but like you say you were diagnosed 6 months ago and getting used to your Nilotinib medication, just wondering say for the next 6 months could you afford to employ, even on a part time basis someone to help with the work, and then look at options, to  sell the business and find a less stressful and nicer working conditions, priority is you, and your health, look after yourself ade.