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HI I'm Dax from the Philippines and was recently diagnosed with CML this year I just started taking Imatinib but its expired for 10 years

I got it from my grandma who used to take it and has recently passed away. 

Is it okay if I continue with it? It's very expensive here in my country and I don't have the funds to buy them.

I'm currently experiencing dizziness. Is that normal?

Thanks hope to hear from you guys.

Hi Victor

It always upsets me when I read of patients unable to get their medications due to cost as it seems so unfair. Anyway, let's be practical.....

Victor, please join the CML Journey to a Cure Facebook international group and speak to Levi Hao (in the Phillippines) and Anjuna (the administrator)as they can point you in the direction of cheap generic Imatinib in the Phillippines. You will also be able to talk to other CML patients from your part of the world.

Keep posting on here, too, and read the information on this site in bits and pieces - not all at once as there is a lot of useful information


Chrissie from the UK.

Hi Victor,

Thank you so much to Chrissie from UK. I am from the Philippines too and currently taking generic imatinib (Veenat 400 mg from India) as I find the cost of Glivec too costly too. If you are interested, I can give you my supplier from India. Stay healthy.


Check also with the Max Foundation if they operate in Phillipines...they give out gleevec free to patients from developing countries

Dizzyness can happen but its important that you get newer medication ESP in hot climates as medications loose efficacity with time (and some with being stored over 25C, not sure if thats the case for TKI)

DAX: Philippines is part of GIPAP

You can get your Gleveec for free!! Please do this :)

Hi Victor,

I'm also from the Philippines and I have been under generic Imatinib (Veenat 400 mg). I too can't afford the expensive Gleevec so I had to resort to the generic one. I can give you the contact info of my supplier for this. My doctor recommended him to me. Wishing us all luck in this fight

Hi Eva. I read the link that you sent but I could not find any info on how to join. Can you help me?

Hi Chrissie. Thanks for replying. The information that you gave me regarding other CML patients here in the Philippines is very useful. I am currently trying to get in touch with some of them as of this writing.

Hi Rose. Thanks for replying. Maybe later on I can get the info of your supplier, as of now I dont have the funds to buy the meds. Im trying to get sponsorship. Please stay in touch. God bless.

Hey Levs. Thanks for the info bro. I dont have the funds right now but as soon as I get money I will get in touch with you. God bless.

To apply for GIPAP through the Max Foundation you have to contact their regional office which you will find on their website - link that EvaH gave in her post. However, to qualify you will need to prove your yearly income is under a certain figure. 

I hope you find an answer... but generic imatinib is more affordable which is why most newly diagnosed CML patients in the UK will start treatment with one of the generic IMs rather than the branded product (Glivec). 


Out of interest Rose, how much does a month's supply of generic imatinib 400mg cost in the Philippines?



Prices would interest me as well, as I (in UK) of course have no clue about prices, and teh problems to fund the appropriate medicine in other countries (incl.USA by the way) 

It's sad so many people have a dely in starting treatment because of costs...on Wikipedias' Imatinib page they write a little bit about it how it was before Generics were out (when Novartis patent was still valid, an how Novartis raised the price years back once it was confirmed it actually worked...$70.000 per year, wow - and India won teh law suit regarding Generics) Anyway, generics should be reasonably priced.

Victor, did you get your treatment sorted? for as I understand, it shouldn't be delayed...what does your doctor say? 

A 400 mg Veenat imatinib costs PHP 30k which is about $580 per month. It's quite expensive but it's better than Gleevec which is about 2x to 3x the cost. 

Victor, hope you were able to get your medicines. If not you can try going to PCSO, they can probably help you out. 

Hi, I think I can help you. What's the dosage of your medicine? I might be able to spare you some Gleevec

Dax u can contact me on facebook. Raymond Rosell

if you want to avail of generic imatinib

Hi Rose, im interested to know where to buy generic one. I would appreciate if you can share to me your supplier. thanks.

Hi Rose, im interested to know where to buy generic one. I would appreciate if you can share to me your supplier. thanks.

Hi we need imatinib 100mg for my brother
where can i get cheaper one here in the phils? thanks for the help

hello my mother inlaw needs that medicine..may i know where we can purchase it?pls help thanks

Hi Debbie, 

What country does your mother in law live in? Is it the Philippines?


hi rose my mother in law needs that medicine..may i know where we can buy ?pls help thanks

hi david..yes shes in the Philippines now.

hello po Victor,


pwede malaman supplier mo sa gamot?need din kasi ng mother inlaw ko sa pinas..salamat po

My father also diagnosed with CML chronic phase 3 month ago and he is prescribed Imanib 400 tablet ( )  which help a lot and My father is doing all normal life since last 3 months with this tablet.

It cost around Indian RS. 7200 and in the US $110 per month

Hi Benjamin,

Hope you are well. Thanks for reaching out and for offering your help, you are very kind. I am truly sorry for responding so late.

I have contacted Levi in the Philippine's CML FB support group and got his supplier's info. I've been recently blessed with work and I think I can afford India's Veenat. Praise God!

Thanks again for your kindness.

Have an awesome life and God bless!


I'm also in Messenger : Victor D S Jose

Let's keep in touch!

Yes. Thanks for asking. I've been recently blessed with work, so now I think I can afford to buy Veenat.

Hi Debbie. Sorry for replying so late. The name of the seller in India is Pawan Kumar his number is +919910607069 through WhatsApp. Just try asking how much plus shipping.

I have 3 boxes of Tasigna 150mg capsules . Do you know anyone who would need them ?