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Shingles and TKIs

Hi folks

I've got shingles. First time ever. Have been put on Valacyclovir 500mg three times a day for one week. 

Just wondering if any of you have experienced this after CML diagnosis and if so did you continue to take your TKI as well as an antiviral (eg Valacyclovir)? Or did you go off the TKI while you were on the antiviral medication?

Just curious to know what others are advised.


CML 3 years

Sprycel 33mg per day

BCR ABL 0.01

I googled "Valacyclovir and Glivec" to see if there any known drug interactions and some are cited from FDA in USA but the numbers of patients involved seem to be small.I also googled "shingles cml support" and there appears to be forum thread dated 17/02/2007 8243/ shingles with 5 contributors on the subject with some interesting observations such as the immune system being weak or a lowish white blood count as the possible reason for contracting the virus.Professor Jane Apperley from Hammersmith was quoted as saying that if Valacyclovir does not work then the patient would need a second line of alternative anti-virals .I did not see in the tread any mention of discontinuing the tki whilst taking Valacyclovir .I addition using the different Drugs Checkers I cannot find any evidence of serious drug interaction.

One of the reasons why I am interested in your post is that now being in my 70s my general practitioner keeps offering me Zostovax-zoster live vaccine as a precaution.However my specialist warned me never to accept a live vaccine as it might lead to a serious infection.So when your shingles clears up and if you are offered a vaccination for future protection suggest you consider Shingrix-recombitant zoster vaccine as an alternative but I am not sure if it is live or not.In addition it is in short supply in many parts of the world especially in USA.

Hope this helps



P.S.David -is there an easy way to bring up previous historical threads from Forum?

Thanks very much John for taking the time to research and reply.

I think the post you are referring to might be:

My GP did suggest I get the non-live version of the shingles vaccine in about 12 months time when it becomes available and my immunity from this instance of shingles wears off. Sounds like a good idea.

I've had type 1 diabetes for 39 years, and although there are only occasional reports of nephrotoxicity from valacyclovir/acyclovir, I am always very cautious about taking any extra drug that could compromise my kidney function. Having an extra medical condition (in my case two) and taking other medications are two things that can increase risk of adverse events from valacyclovir. Still, risks from shingles too.

Ah the fun and games of crossing your fingers and hoping for the best!

Thanks again

hi i had a really severe herpes simplex outbreak and my doctor prescibed the same and here in Norway they cross reference all meds for interactions, take it,i have known several people who have not and it can linger for months,take it on time and you will heal quicker,.

Get better


Ive been on 500mg valacyovir daily since I got CML in 2016

It messes with my digestion a bit but otherwise it does its job. Sorry about the shingles...thats not really a fun type of herpes to have :(